# (Italiano) Antoine Chessex

chessex1Antoine Chessex is a swiss composer, saxophone player and experimental musician born in 1980 in Vevey (CH). His sonic researches include compositions for ensembles, solo works, transdisciplinary collaborations and sound installations. Chessex´s works are based on the exploration of the physicality of sounds and spaces.
His solo works feature dense layers of sustained pitches reacting with the architecture of the space or massive clouds of amplified sax resulting in intense live actions in total immersion in the sound.
He presents his works worldwide and appears at numerous international venues and festivals in the United States, Japan, China, Russia and all around Europe.
Recent compositional works include “DUST” for 3 violins and electronics (commissioned by Pro Helvetia), “Resonant Water” a site specific piece for acoustic ensemble, “Metakatharsis” commissioned by the Phoenix Ensemble in Basel, “CHUTE” for the Kammerensemble Neue Musik Berlin as well as numerous electronic music pieces.
Collaborations with musicians like Lasse Marhaug, Zbigniew Karkowski, Jérôme Noetinger, Chris Corsano, Maja Ratkje, Ilios, Didi Bruckmayr, Thomas Ankersmit, Valerio Tricoli, C. Spencer Yeh, Axel Dörner, Hans Koch, Robin Hayward, Lucio Capece, Dave Phillips, Kasper Toeplitz, Monno, architect Christian Waldvogel and media artist Ulrike Gabriel.