# Denis Schuler

Denis_Schuler.02.squareDenis Schuler (CH): A composer, musician and curator, Denis Schuler explores the terrain of music, drawing material from different spheres, including traditional music, improvisation and so-called occidental art music, comparing and combining multiple influences in a personal discourse. Through the study of rhythm and sound material, his work investigates extreme listening conditions, especially in the direction of silence. The music proposed by Denis Schuler relies on a particular capacity for concentration, where the ear often has to make an effort to perceive breath and noises. He creates spaces of sound reception that allow musicians to rethink the relationship with listeners, while offering the latter a chance for a different type of listening. Born in Geneva, Denis Schuler studied drums privately, then classical percussion at the Conservatoire Supérieur of Geneva, where he took a teaching degree. He then studied composition with Nicolas Bolens, Eric Gaudibert, Michael Jarrell and Emanuel Nunes.