#5 Missing Objects

7pm e 8:30pm

free entry until seating capacity has been reached

The concept of the evening comes from reflection on the twelve bunkers Mussolini ordered built in the 1930s under Rome, seen as emblems of the invisible places that exist in cities. The bunkers are a pretext to think about space as the product of political, social, cultural and mental factors. The concrete structure with beveled corners, the armored doors, the air filters that make these places impenetrable bear witness to an intensification of fear of others. The bunkers can become the vector of a theoretical reversal. Looking at them “in reverse” means imagining a convex territory, without walls, an area of sharing without limits or boundaries, an autonomous, mobile, real, existential or imaginary zone. Ensemble Vide thus moves underground and updates the problematics of the void, starting with an encounter with what is hidden. The project mixes art and science, creating new connections developed with the timing of performance: dance, music, lecture and installation meet the audience below ground level.

Underground spaces of Chiostro del Bramante, via della Pace, 5 – entrance from via della Volpe, snc

Concept by Ensemble Vide, coordinated by Denis Schuler

Performers: Adaline Anobile (dance & performance), Sària Convertino (accordion), Rudy Decelière (sound installation), Lucia Piccioni (art historian). Consulting: Noémie Etienne (art historian).

With the technical collaboration of AMEG