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The Syncope project has ended. In the Documents section you will find photogalleries about concerts and performances which animated...

Sebastiano Forti

Sebastiano Forti (IT): born in Florence, 1965. An eclectic artist, he plays the entire range of saxophones, clarinet, recites and sings. He began his studies with his father, a musician and musicologist,...

Giacomo Serino

Giacomo Serino (IT): born in 1999 in Rome, he began his musical studies at Priverno with Ilario Polidoro and Ildo Masi. He then took courses in Jazz Trumpet at the Conservatory of Frosinone, studying with...

Peace Choir

Peace Choir: a vocal ensemble that has performed many concerts over the last five years for humanitarian causes, raising funds for non-profit organizations. The repertoire is mainly gospel, but also includes...

Missing Objects

7pm e 8:30pm free entry until seating capacity has been reached
The concept of the evening comes from reflection on the twelve bunkers Mussolini ordered built...

La piazza (The square)

7pm / free entrance
The concert at Piazza dell’Immacolata in the San Lorenzo neighborhood in Rome is inserted in the multiple reality of public space, where a multitude of parallel...


2.30pm / free entrance
What do musical notes repeated for hours make happen in the body and the spirit? How does the memory of melody develop? Is it possible to remain concentrated...



free entrance with limited seats
A voluntary blackout. Total darkness. Sonic bodies delicately fill the space, probing all its nooks and...

Tam tuumb!

4.30 pm - 12 midnight / free entrance
Inside the Syncope project, a musical program in five events, dedicated to contemporary artistic experiences which break the circle of harmony...